Tips for winning Hackathon! #Shebuild

Participating in a hackathon, well here are some tips that might help you.

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Just attended the session today (30th December 2022) conducted as a part of the #shebuild hackathon on the topic "Winning tips for the hackathon" spoken by Ayush Singh Chauhan, Developer Relation at Solana & Haimantika Mitra at Appwrite. Just wanted to sum up all the points for my folks looking forward to participating in a hackathon.

  1. Take hackathons as fun: Stressed as the most important point by the speakers, taking hackathons as a fun event is the most important of all. Whether you win or not, gaining experience in new technologies and working in a team environment is one of the best things that hackathons provide.

  2. Make a Diverse Team: Do you need an awesome project? you definitely need an awesome team then. Try building a team with people having knowledge of different techs. Conduct team bonding sessions and most importantly make new friends. An example of a good team can be one that consists of Front End developer, Backend Developer, Designers, Folks good at Non-Technical Skills, etc.

  3. Include Juniors in your team: Build a good coding culture at your college by taking juniors in your team and guiding them. You got some new ideas with new minds and they get the experience, always a plus for both.

  4. Include Sponsor Services: Hackathons got lots of prizes from sponsors that you definitely wanna grab, Include the sponsor's services to your projects by any means. Including sponsor's services would definitely increase your chance of winning the hackathon.

  5. Work on Presentations: The judges in any hackathon will judge you on your presentation whether it's through your ppts (Online Hackathons) or through live pitches (Offline Hackathons) you got to present your idea well and clearly to win the hackathon. Don't let your unique creative ideas go waste by giving the wrong presentation. You invested your time and did hard work on it!

So, these were some of the key points from the session I summed up for you all. Hope this will help you out in your hackathon journey! Thanks to @hashnode and #shebuild for the session.